Monday, July 18, 2011

You know you miss Chile when...

I wanted to note some funny things that have happened in the time of culture shock since I returned from Chile.  Yes, these are all things that I've done or things that have happened to me.

SO: you know you miss Chile when...

  • You get nostalgic when you see Nescafe in the grocery store.
  • You get overly excited when you find out the apple you’re eating is from Chile.
  • You suddenly gain an interest in the Copa America.
  • You suddenly gain an interest in soccer, period.
  • You actually walk through the wine section of stores out of sheer curiosity to see if they have Chilean wine and/or Pisco (and no, I didn’t buy any!)
  • You relate most every discussion to Chile, something that happened in Chile, a Chilean friend or one of your teammates.
  • You freak out when you find canned dulce de leche in the grocery store, meaning you can make alfajores!
  • You crave empanadas, sopaipillas, and jugos naturales on a daily basis.
  • You freak out when you think you see the Chilean flag, and then you are disappointed when you realize it’s the Texan flag (they look REALLY similar).
  • Your favorite way to start a sentence is “In Chile…”
  • You (nearly) say things like “esta bien”, “permiso”, and “gracias” to people, despite them talking to you in English.
  • You teach your friends and family the salsa and the cueca.
  • You make a list of reasons you know you miss Chile. ;)

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