Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Stories from Santiago, part 1

I wanted to share with you a short story of one of the most awesome things I saw this summer.  I was blessed to have the opportunity to see someone led to Christ this summer, and it was one of the coolest things I've ever seen. (Additionally, I talked about this briefly  before, but not as in depth as here.)

It was June 3, and it was the end of our first whole week of campus evangelism.  As a whole group, we were at the Universidad de Santiago de Chile (USACH), which had just gone on strike the day before.  We broke up into pairs and went out sharing; I teamed up with Kelly and we decided to share with a group of three girls.  

We started Soularium with them (if you don't know what Soularium is, it's 50 pictures that you use to answer 5 questions about life, spirituality, and God.  It's a great way to start spiritual conversations).  After Soularium, we shared a little bit about our views and asked them some more spiritual questions.

We quickly found out that while all three were raised in the Catholic church (not at all uncommon in Chile), they had all kind of fallen away from the church.  Two of the girls were actively participating in the conversation, but one of them was mostly just listening, except when we would ask her a question which she would then answer.  To be honest, I thought she had checked out of the conversation and was uninterested in what we had to say.

When asked, she told us that she and her family had been burned by the church in the past, and she didn't trust religion or God or the church.  We emphasized that the church is not God, which really seemed to resonate with her.  After laying out the gospel, we asked how they would rate their desire to know God.  She said 10!  We made sure this wasn't an emotional decision and stressed that it's no small decision, but she assured us that she knew the weight of this decision and still wanted to make the decision to accept Christ!

I hadn't taken part in much of the conversation as I can understand but not speak Spanish, but I was listening and praying the whole time.  But I tell you, it was awesome to see how the Holy Spirit moved and brought her to God! We prayed with her, and saw her come into the Kingdom of God!  It was seriously the coolest experience of my life, and I'm so glad that God chose to use me and Kelly to show her the way into the kingdom!  He didn't- and doesn't- have to use any of us here on earth to complete his mission of salvation, but he does.  And it's awesome that we get to be a part of his mission!

This is just one story about what God did this summer.  Rest assured, there are many more, many of which I will share soon.  So stay tuned! :)

PS: I really miss Chile. :(

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