Thursday, August 19, 2010

Recap of the summer (since I'm a horrible blogger)

I'm sitting here all alone in a dorm room (well, at least it's a nice one!), reflecting on what happened this summer and what is to come this year.

First things first: in case you haven't noticed, I'm horrible at keeping this blog up to date. That said, I hope to update this more often. We'll see if that actually happens. It probably won't.

Anyways, moving on. I didn't go to Kenya this summer. I know- lame. I didn't go to Italy either- double lame. I didn't even get a job, unless you count two weekends of housesitting!

Honestly, I'm quite disgusted with the way I spent my summer. I realize now how big of a mistake I made not in going to Kenya. That is truly where my heart lies, at least at this point. I keep checking the Global Aid Network site to see if they have a trip there next summer, but so far, no luck. I made a deal with God that the next missions/Christian aid trip I found for the summer would be the one I apply for, and the only trip GAiN has to Kenya next year is the same time as the beginning of the semester. There's no way I can go on that trip and still go to school, and my parents won't let me take a semester off (especially since it'll be my senior year!).

I don't know what to do. I keep praying that GAiN opens another trip to Kenya or reschedules this one. I really want to go to Kenya, and I've been thinking about taking a year off after graduation before I go to grad school to join GAiN around the world. I don't know what that would look like, but I'm keeping it in mind.

I've fallen in love with the culture of and people of Kenya. I guess I have to thank Robin Jones Gunn for that... her book Coming Attractions started this whole thing. :)

Wow. That's a heavy post. Even though this is short, I'm going to end it here and explore the dorm some more (since I really have nothing else to do at the moment). Hopefully, I'll post more soon!

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