Sunday, June 12, 2011

(Very) Quick Update and Fun at Cerro Santa Lucia

It's after midnight here in Santiago, but I wanted to update this really quickly and share some exciting news plus an awesome video from one of my teammates.

We have now seen at least a dozen people either come to know Christ or rededicate their lives to him.  I think it might be closer to 15, but I don't remember the exact count.  We're now starting followup with said students, and hopefully we can reach more in the weeks to come!  God is doing amazing things here in Santiago!  (side note: the public universities are still on strike, but there are enough people around to still work there)

On another note, today we had a prayer event at Cerro Santa Lucia (Santa Lucia Hill), which is a prominent landmark in the city.  Afterwards, we hung out there with some of our Chilean friends for a couple hours and played games and goofed off... sooooooo much fun.  Seriously, they're a blast to hang out with.  There's never a dull moment.  As an example, I wanted to share this video Billy, one of my teammates, took this afternoon of what was eventually dubbed "Horsebee".

So yeah, Chileans are a riot.  That's all. :)

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